The Office Of Dean Of Students

Dr. C.V. Rao (center) and his DOS Team (from left to right: Mr. G. McGuire, Dr. B. Kirkby, Dr. D. Kirkby, Dr. J. Madden, Dr. C.V. Rao, Dr. Z. Amuleru-Marshall, Mr. J. Robinson, Dr. S. Rabie, Dr. M.I. Baiyat)

The mission of the Dean of Students Office (DOS) is to encourage and enable students to achieve success in their chosen fields of study at St. George's University by providing support and guidance in both academic and nonacademic areas.

From Orientation to Graduation, we assist all students in the University, including the School of Medicine, the School of Veterinary Medicine, the School of Graduate Studies, the School of Arts and Sciences, and other University programs.

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Location:  Bourne Center, Second Floor


  • (473) 444-4483
  • (473) 444-4175
  • (473) 439-2000

FAX:  (473) 444-2823

Call extension 3785 or 3508 for an appointment.