Keith B. Taylor Global Scholars Program

The exciting Keith B. Taylor Global Scholars Program (KBTGSP) marries the excellence of the St. George’s University School of Medicine MD program with the bonus of a one-year experience of medical education on the Northumbria University (NU) campus in Newcastle, United Kingdom.  The first year spent in Newcastle is the same excellent program offered in Grenada and, in addition, students will have the experience of being immersed in UK urban culture for a year.  Everything except the location is essentially the same: the curriculum, academic calendar, services, fees and access to campus student life facilities (gyms, dining halls, libraries, playing fields, etc.).

This program follows the same successful curriculum as we have offered for 30 years in Grenada.  In order to maintain our status with licensing boards around the world, the chairs of each department and the course directors oversee both the Grenada and UK programs.  This assures that we offer the same excellent program in both locations.  The textbooks, exams and academic schedule are all the same as offered in the program in Grenada.

This unique partnership gives students the opportunity to study in the United Kingdom, Grenada and the United States. The program broadens participants’ understanding of the differing cultures of the three host countries, while giving them insight into cross-cultural medical practices.

Northumbria University (NU) campus in Newcastle, United Kingdom.
Please take note: 
Students of the KBTGSP who may wish, at any time in their professional career, to become registered to practice medicine in the UK, must spend at least a year training in SGUSOM's clinical program in Grenada. UK General Medical Council requires that foreign medical graduates seeking UK registration complete at least 50% of their medical degree - at least two years out of the four years' standard duration of the course - in the country in which the degree is granted. This measurement is determined by physical time spent in Grenada versus physical time spent outside of Grenada during the course of study. Please be advised that this is SGU's interpretation of the rule after helping graduates through the process and communicating with the GMC. We cannot know how the GMC will assess each application for registration in the future, and they, like any licensing or registration board, do not guarantee a graduate of any medical school registration.