Undergraduate Degree Programs

Undergraduate degree programs at St. George’s University provide students with a broad-based knowledge and appreciation of a variety of topics, in addition to a comprehensive professional and scholarly understanding of their chosen major.

St. George’s University students will complete four years of study for the bachelor’s degree. Typically, the course load is five subjects per term. There are two 16-week terms annually.

Undergraduate degree programs are available in the biology, business, information technology, psychology, sociology, and medical and veterinary medical sciences through St. George’s University School of Arts and Sciences.

All degree programs have a minimum requirement of 121 passed credit hours, and are comprised of coursework in specific major requirements, General Education requirements, and student-selected electives.

In the first two years of education, students complete the General Education requirements that apply to all undergraduate programs.

In the third and fourth years, coursework focuses on the chosen field of study. General Education and elective requirements can be met with courses in a variety of areas including art, philosophy, literature, psychology, and sociology.

To graduate, students must compile a total of at least 121 passed credit hours composed of General Education requirements, required courses to complete the major, and electives. Some programs require more than 121 credits.