sgu In the News 2016


How Studying Animals Will Make Us Healthier 12/12/16


To find a cure for a bacterial infection that kills 30,000 Americans annually, the National Institutes of Health just awarded a $1.5 million grant—to a veterinary lab.



Dog Flu Continues to Chase U.S. Pets

An interview with Sonia Cheetham-Brow, DVM, Ph.D., a associate professor of veterinary virology at St. George’s University Department of Pathobiology School of Veterinary Medicine in St. George’s, Grenada, West Indies, discusses the outbreak and where canine health stands now.



Dr. Olds Addresses America's Imminent "Million-Doctor Shortage" on MarketWatch 4/1/16

Without those doctors, our medical system is “putting out forest fires — just treating the patients when they get really sick,” said Dr. Richard Olds, the chief executive officer of the Caribbean medical school St. George’s University, who is attempting to use his institution’s resources to help alleviate the shortage.



Have Primary care physicians gone the way of the dinosaur? 3/10/16

"It is true that there is a shortage of primary care physicians, and it is looming to be even greater," said Dr. Fred Jacobs, executive vice president of St. George's University in Grenada and chair of its Department of Medicine.



New York needs foreign medical schools' students 3/9/16

Within 10 years, the United States will be short 31,000 primary-care physicians. U.S. medical schools bear some responsibility for that shortage: Two-thirds of their graduates become specialists.