The Doctor of Veterinary Medicine/Master of Science dual degree program gives veterinary medical students the opportunity to conduct active and original bench and/or field research in Dual DVM/MSc degrees are offered in the School of Veterinary Medicine in the following majors:

Students enrolled in a dual degree program will complete the DVM degree requirements simultaneously with the MSc requirements, requiring spending the first two summers of the four-year veterinary medical program in Grenada in order to meet the coursework requirements for the MSc program.

The MSc requires completion of 34 graduate credits as prescribed by the program. Under the supervision of an academic advisor and a supervisory committee, students prepare a research project proposal. Once approved, an ongoing research experience is conducted throughout the period of enrollment in the degree program. The program culminates with a final comprehensive oral examination and defense of the thesis.

The major selected determines the research area and graduate coursework requirements for the completion of the program.

Course Structure

All students entering the DVM/MSc or MSc program in the SVM must complete a total of 34 graduate course credits. The 34 total credits comprise:

Thesis work (900 level): 22 credits
Core Courses (800 level): 6 credits
Selective Courses (800 level): 6 credits

Total: 34 credits

THESIS: The following 22 credits of 900 level courses have to be completed:

No. of Credits
IDGS 900
MSc Seminar Participation
IDGS 901
MSc Project Proposal Seminar
IDGS 902
MSc Written Project Proposal
VSGP 901
Master Thesis (SVM)
IDGS 904
MSc Thesis Seminar
IDGS 905
MSc Thesis Defense

Guidelines for the preparation of a research proposal through to the submission of a thesis, its subsequent examination and eventual binding follow those provided by the School of Graduate Studies (GSP). Students must prepare a research proposal and present an outline of the proposed work to their Supervisory Committee. The proposal must be prepared and presented prior to commencement of field or laboratory work. Students in the DVM/MSc program must complete their MSc thesis and defense prior to leaving Grenada for their Clinical Rotations.  

CORE COURSES:  The following 6 credits of Core Courses (800 level) have to be completed by all MSc students irrespective of their major field:

No. of Credits
BIOE 801
Scientific Ethics
MPTH 825
Scientific Text Organization and Presentation
IDGS 807
Research Design and Biostatistics

SELECTIVE COURSES: The remaining 6 credits of Selective Courses (800 level) are determined by the selected major.  The student’s Supervisory Committee will select the courses in consultation with the student. The requirements of each 800 level course will be clearly defined in the graduate course descriptions. Stand-alone MSc students, who do not have a DVM or equivalent veterinary degree, may be required to take “up-graded DVM courses” (800 level) as determined by their Supervisory Committee More specific requirements for each of the offered MSc majors can be  found in the individual degree outlines.