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Dr. Joseph Galati:
Joseph Galati, MD SGU '87, has owned and operated Liver Specialists of Texas, one of America’s largest private liver services, since 2001.

Christine Chronicles:
Christine Garcia, MD SGU '10, is an internal medicine resident at Stony Brook University, and in her blog covers a wide variety of issues related to medicine, public health, residency, and life.

Shab's Sanatorium:
Shabbir Hossain, MD SGU '05, is an internist at Stony Brook University School of Medicine. He teaches residents and students in SBU's outpatient clinic and co-directs the combined medicine pediatrics residency program.

Kelsey Inspired:
Kelsey blogs about life as the wife of an SGU med student. Her husband, Lee, is completing his clinical rotations before going off to residency.

Shah Blah Blah:
Palak Shah is a medical student who has been blogging about his experience in Grenada since enrolling in August 2012.

SGU graduate Danielle Krol, an internal medicine resident in Philadelphia, offers her take on a wide variety of items, from current topics in the media to ways to improve one's own health.

A Caribbean MD is Good Enough for Me:
This SGU graduate writes about his life during residency.

Budget Blond
Catherine Alfond, whose husband is an SGU medical student, blogs about ways to make the most of your dollar.

Coy, Party of Five:
An SGU medical student and his wife raise three kids in Grenada.

Hello Grenada, See You Later America:
Life in Grenada from the eyes of a med student's wife.

Newlyweds Take On Grenada:
For many, medical school is a family affair, as is the case with the Gorals.

Our Life, Our Adventures:
Read all about an SGU wife and her husband, a third-term medical student who is completing his clinical rotations.

The Lackey Adventures:
Marriage, vet school and parenthood - they're all mixed into one to make up the Lackey Adventures.

The Scurlock Scene:
Catherine Alfond, whose husband is an SGU medical student, blogs about ways to make the most of your dollar.


Doctor In The Sand; The life of a veterinary student in the Caribbean at SGUSVM
I am a class of 2015 veterinary student at St. George's University in Grenada, West Indies. P.S. The background to this page is one of our beaches!

Coghills in Grenada!; The Real Housewives in Grenada; Three-six-five
Kelsey is from the central US and part of the Significant Others organization. Her Canadian husband is a medical student at St. George’s University. She is has been blogging since March 2009. She has two separate blogs (Coghills in Grenada! & The Real Housewives in Grenada) that she updates very frequently. She has a significant number of readers and follows a number of other similar blogs about Grenada life. In addition, she began a project of taking a picture for everyday of the year and including a description (Three-six-five).

Dave and Brigit… Life in the Caribbean!
Brigit is a very active member of the SGU community, and Dave is a student at St. George’s University. She posts all the events and activities she is involved in as well as pictures.

I Am…A Medical Student
Ishryan spent his first year in Newcastle, UK in the Keith B. Taylor Global Scholar’s Program. He is now completing his second year in Grenada. He has been posting consistently for one year.

Katy is a significant other at St. George’s University and has been blogging since August 2010. She continues to earn her masters regularly posts.

KBTGSP Global Health Blog Posts
GSP SGU students blog about there thoughts and feedback on recent Global Health events organized by fellow students and Dr. Holmes.


Somewhere, Beyond the Sea
A significant other, Erin Walker followed her husband to Grenada where he is attending medical school. She has been blogging since 2009  and regularly posts photos and videos.

Spice Island Queen
She is a medical student who is now completed her first two years in Grenada. She is now in California, figuring out where to complete her clinical rotations. She has been posting regularly since 2008.

The Spice Rack
Sarah Hudson married to a student at St. George’s University. She has been blogging for one year.

The Wandering Medical Student: a photo blog of my studies and excursions.
Ian Rusiana is a first year KBTGSP student. He has been regularly blogging since 2009.


IFMSA at Copenhagen Annual Meeting 2011
A blog created to share ideas and views from the Grenadian chapter of the International Federation of Medical Students' Associations, who participated at the 2011 annual meeting in Copenhagen.