Family and Friends

Support and guidance are the cornerstone of SGU’s success as a University. For over 30 years, SGU’s commitment to its students and graduates is evident by their increasingly impressive accomplishments.  St. George’s University offers all the academic resources, student support services, and enriching extracurricular activities that you would expect from a caribbean medical school of its caliber. Its unique, Caribbean campus is one of the most important contributing factors to the success of its culturally diverse student body and world-renowned faculty.

SGU and Grenada pride themselves on mutual respect and admiration. St. George’s is a valuable contributor to the island, graduating well-prepared students who are ready to make a lasting contribution to the community. SGU has contributed over 12,000 physicians to the global physician workforce, with students and graduates from over 140 countries. They are practicing in every state in the US, as well as Canada, UK, and other countries around the world. 

Grenada embraces SGU and its students, providing a safe environment of unparalleled tropical beauty. Grenada was rated one of the five safest places for US citizens to visit outside of the US. Eager to show off our campus and island home, SGU invites families to visit their students at St. George's Family Weekend scheduled each September and February.

We realize the importance in selecting a university best suited for your loved one. We are eager to answer any questions or arrange a SGU campus tour. Please feel free to contact us for further assistance.