Alumni Admission Mentor Program (AAMP)

Alumni contributions promote, strengthen and support our University community.

The Alumni Admission Mentor Program (AAMP) was created to improve communication with our graduates and to more efficiently utilize their volunteer services for various recruitment activities, from attending Information Session presentations to speaking with prospective students about attending St. George’s University.

Do You Want to be part of the Alumni Admission Mentor Program? (AAMP)

We invite our graduates to join the Alumni Admission Mentor Program (AAMP). Alumni participation is a vital aspect of our effort to reach out to prospective applicants about to embark on a journey into the study of medicine. AAMP is our key to enhancing the relationship and communication between the University community and our alumni.

There are several levels of participation in AAMP, with varying degrees of commitment. Please feel free to download the following form by clicking here to get involved with AAMP.

We provide our School of Medicine and School of Veterinary Medicine graduates with the opportunity to participate in the Alumni Volunteer Directory (AVD), one of the tools we have that is most appreciated by prospective students. As graduates of St. George’s University, it is our hope that you are eager to share your personal and educational experiences with aspiring physicians and veterinarians. If you would like to participate, please include a personal biography in the form provided above. To view our current School of Medicine Alumni Volunteer Directory, please click here.