Upon Arrival

On Campus

  1. Registration Check - In
  2. Orientation
  3. Photo ID Cards
  4. Obtaining Textbooks
  5. Convocation
  6. White Coat Ceremony

Your First Stop
If you are living on campus, your first stop will be the Key Distribution in lower Charter Hall to confirm your room assignment and pick up your room key.  In the days leading up to Orientation, the Key Distribution will be staffed from the early morning until the last flight has arrived and been checked in. 

Soon after you are settled in your housing (on or off campus), you should visit the Orientation Office in Lower Taylor Hall on the True Blue Campus.

The Orientation Office is open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm beginning the Thursday prior to orientation week. Program specific orientation schedules, campus maps, tour reservations and chits for the Orientation Bazaar can be obtained from the office Staff and upperclassmen will be there to answer any questions you have.

Registration Check-In
Before arrival on campus, you should view your self service student account to confirm that you have clearance for registration check-in. If you have a hold on your account, you must follow up with the appropriate office to determine how to have the hold removed. If you did not submit your pre-registration forms prior to your arrival on campus, you must bring them with you to registration check-in.

At Registration Check-In, your clearance status will be verified. When it has been confirmed that you are registered for courses and have not had a Hold placed on your account, you will be given clearance for your student ID card and information on where to pick up your books.

If you have a physical or learning disability for which you are seeking special consideration during your matriculation at St. George’s, you must provide copies of the documentation to the Dean of Students Office.

Academic Orientation
Orientation is a perfect time to get acclimated to your physical surroundings and to meet other new students, upperclassmen, faculty, and staff. It is a time for making new friends and familiarizing yourself with all of the great opportunities that await you at St. George’s University. All entering students are expected to arrive on time for mandatory orientation sessions commencing in Grenada and/or the UK prior to the start of the term. Details regarding session dates, times, and locations will be posted to the SGU website.

Don’t miss the seminar on safety, campus rules, Grenadian law, off-campus housing, bussing, and disaster preparedness. This event is extremely important in preparing you for a comfortable stay in Grenada and is mandatory for all entering students. Please consult the orientation schedule for details.

Photo ID Cards
Photos will be taken for your student ID card during the Registration Check-In process in Taylor Hall.  Student ID cards will be required for you to be able to complete your Registration Check-In and access campus buildings, classes and University transportation, amongst other things.

Obtaining Textbooks
If you are a first-term medical or veterinary medical student, your textbooks will be ordered for you and can be picked up during orientation week. Do not buy these books prior to your arrival. Undergraduate (including premedical and preveterinary) and graduate students will purchase books on a cash basis at the University bookstore. Although Founders Library contains a large collection on reserve, consider bringing additional textbooks that cover material you will be studying during the term; for example, that old undergraduate biochemistry book that you never got around to re-selling—and frankly never wanted to touch again—might be a helpful resource. The library has all recommended texts for the Basic Sciences courses. In addition, the University bookstore sells texts required and recommended by the faculty. Bring any supplementary texts, such as board review books, of your own.

All students are required to attend the University convocation. This assembly welcomes new members of the University community and introduces them to the University deans, administrators, and Student Support Services. These are the offices responsible for academic, financial, and institutional policies and procedures.

White Coat Ceremony
Each term, a White Coat Ceremony is held for first term students in the Schools of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. This ceremony marks entry into the noble profession of medicine or veterinary medicine. Students should bring a shirt, tie, and trousers, or a sundress for this occasion, which is now scheduled to be held during Family Weekend.

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