Travel Information

All entering students are expected to arrive in Grenada in time to participate in the Mandatory Orientation Program which commences the Wednesday before the first day of classes.

Travel Options

There are many routes into Grenada and you can use any of the internet-based companies or travel agents to help you.   The University generally uses a travel agent who is knowledgeable about travel in the Caribbean.   We offer her contact details as a convenience.

Ms. Regina Cadigan
Protravel International, LLC
US/Canada: (516) 584-0538
1 (800) 905-5470 ext. 0538

Students are expected to arrive in Grenada in time to participate in the Orientation Program which commences the Wednesday before the start of classes.  Please make your travel arrangements early; the service noted below is subject to change at the discretion of the airlines.

Many students use American Airlines. There is direct service from Miami that runs only 3 days per week. 

Starting June 11, 2015, Jet Blue will provide two flights a week between New York JFK and Grenada. The airline is flying one round-trip flight on the route each Thursday and Sunday.

Caribbean Airlines (formerly BWIA) flies from the US to Barbados and Trinidad with connecting flights to Grenada. There are also direct flights with this airline to and from Toronto on Thursdays and Sundays. For information and reservations contact them via the internet at

Several airlines fly to islands near Grenada, where connecting flights to Grenada can be arranged. Leeward Islands Air Transportation (LIAT) is a local airline that can get you to Grenada from Barbados, Trinidad and other islands.

British Airways flies from London to Grenada, or London to Grenada via Barbados; call +(44) (0)345222111. Virgin Atlantic Airways flies from London to Barbados and to Grenada; please call +1 (246) 228-4886 (Barbados).


  • Shop around for the best airline fare. Contact your travel agent, the airline directly or use the Internet for price comparison shopping.

  • Pack items that will get you through a few days in your carry-on luggage in case your luggage goes on a little adventure without you. The contents of your carry-on will be all you have during this period. Be sure to pack a change or two of clothes and some toiletries in your carry-on, subject, of course, to the new stricter travel regulations.

  • All airlines have guidelines for the number, weight, shape, and size of carry-on and checked baggage. Make sure your carry-on does not exceed size limitations. You will be charged for any additional weight. There are certain times of the year when extra baggage is not allowed. American Airlines often has a “box embargo,” meaning that nothing can be brought in a cardboard box; find a duffle bag or some other luggage in which to put the box. Remember to contact the airline of your choice for details before leaving for the airport. Call the particular airport of departure and each airline (if not traveling directly) for this information; general airline numbers may not provide accurate information.

Pet Travel to Grenada:
Bringing dogs and cats to campus has been a very popular request amongst our students, and is relatively easy to do so as there is no quarantine period in Grenada.

However, returning home may present a problem if your home country does impose a quarantine period. All entering students should investigate return requirements before bringing their pet(s) to Grenada. The United States CDC has published updated guidelines (as of Oct. 20th 2014) on importation of dogs into the USA from countries with Rabies. Please visit the following website for up to date information: 

First term students are encouraged to leave their pets at home for the first term. This allows time for the student to get acclimated in Grenada and to be certain the proper living and care arrangements have been made. This can greatly decrease any stress the animal may experience when traveling or adjusting to a new home.

Students bringing pets to Grenada must have a permit with the seal and signature of the Chief Veterinary Officer of the Grenada Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Lands and Fisheries affixed. If you are planning on bringing a pet, please request a Pet Permit Package from Krista Grace/ Veterinary Medicine Admission Counselor. She can be reached at 1-800-899-6337 (U.S.A and Canada) or +1 (631) 665-8500(outside U.S.A), extension 9-1234, or This package contains the permit and a list of pet importation requirements.  



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