Buses are provided Monday through Sunday. Please note that there are separate schedules for weekdays and weekends. The weekend schedule is normally in operation during holidays, unless otherwise stated. Schedules are displayed at the True Blue campus and next to the bus stop. You can also download or print the schedule from the SGU Bulletin.

Services are provided between the True Blue campus and Grand Anse, Lance Aux Epines and Mont Toute. Special bus requests can be made for SGU-related events if details are submitted in writing at least one week in advance.

In order to drive a car in Grenada you MUST have a Grenadian Driver’s License. Temporary Driver’s licenses are available to anyone with a valid existing driver’s license from their home country.

In order to obtain a temporary Grenadian Driver’s License, students should visit the Grand Anse or St. George’s Police Station carrying a valid home country’s driver’s license and EC $40.

Temporary licenses are only valid for three months, and it is essential they be renewed prior to expiration. DO NOT drive yourself to the police station in order to obtain a license without a current, valid Grenadian license. This is a serious offense and can result in incarceration.

Car Rental
There are several car rental agencies on the Island. Available vehicles include standard cars with both manual and automatic transmissions, jeep-like four-wheel-drive vehicles and mini-mokes, which are open jitney-like vehicles. Many students get together in a group and rent a vehicle for the term. The rate for motor vehicle rentals can range from US $400-$600 per month.

Campus Motor Vehicles
The operation of a motor vehicle on campus is a revocable privilege that may be suspended or otherwise restricted.  Anyone operating a motor vehicle must have a valid driver's license on his/her person in accordance with local law.

All motor vehicles must have a valid inspection sticker, registration, and insurance certificate in accordance with local law.  All motor vehicles must be in safe operating conditions. Automobiles must have at least two (one on each side) operational headlights, two operational taillights, turn signals, brake lights, intact muffler and exhaust system, and tires with adequate tread on them. Motorcycles must have at least one operational headlight and all other operational components as listed above.  Safety helmets must be worn when riding a motorcycle on campus.

University community members are to obey all posted signs and instructions of security officers acting in performance of their duty. Verbal instructions of security officers supersede posted signs. Failure to recognize the authority vested in a security officer is an offense.
All vehicles (cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles, and so forth) must be registered in the Department of Public Safety and Security at the side of the Chancellery building to get a decal that allows the vehicle to enter campus. Temporary decals are also available for short term rental vehicles. The following is required to complete registration:

  • Grenadian Driver’s License (see below)
  • Vehicle Registration Number (see below)
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Vehicle’s license plate number
  • Year, make, model and color of vehicle
  • Local home address and phone number

Drivers are expected to adhere to all on-campus motor vehicle rules and regulations. Violation tickets are issued to those who fail to comply. Settlement or appeal of these tickets should be made to Ms. Margaret Duncan in the Business Office within 10 days of the date of the ticket to avoid additional penalties. Rules and regulations are listed in the Motor Vehicle Rules and Regulations pamphlet, available in the Department of Public Safety and Security Office.
If a vehicle is sold or no longer used, the student must remove the University decal and advise the receptionist in the Chancellery Building. Any violations issued against a vehicle will be the responsibility of the person to whom the decal was issued.

Security officers are empowered to enforce all University rules and regulations. They issue tickets when, in their judgment, one or more of the University rules or regulations is violated. Once an officer begins writing a ticket, he/she must complete that ticket; he/she is not allowed to void, erase, or destroy this document. The officer is under specific instructions to say nothing while writing the ticket. Personally insulting behavior to a security officer performing his/her duty is not allowed under the above rules and regulations and will result in further charges being filed against the University community member involved. For students, all charges of insubordinate behavior will result automatically in referral to the Student Judicial Panel. For faculty and staff, such a case is referred to the Faculty and Staff Judicial Panel.

Fine Policy & Schedule
Security officers are empowered to take possession of the keys of a vehicle if, in their judgment, the continued operation of the vehicle threatens the safety of the individuals or others. Fines are to be paid to officials within the Office of the Business Administrator. Monies collected through fines will be deposited into an interest-bearing account, which is called the "Personal Disaster Fund" for students and staff. Nominations for persons needing assistance from this fund come from peer counselors and the Office of the Business Administrator. The final decision as to the merit of the case and authorization to withdraw money for personal assistance is made by a committee consisting of the Business Administrator, the Dean of Basic Sciences, Dean of the School of Graduate Studies, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, a peer counselor, and President of the Student Government Association. 

Fine Schedule
Listed below are fines for first offenses; fines double for each repeated offense of the same nature (for example, parking in a no parking area: first offense: EC $50.00, second offense: EC $100.00, third offense: EC $200.00). Fines are payable within ten days of receipt of the ticket; failure to pay fines within ten days will result in doubling of the fine. In the case of students, fines must be paid by the end of the current term in order for grades to be released and for the student to register for the next ensuing term. In the case of faculty or staff, fines unpaid at the end of the term will be deducted from that month's paycheck. Any egregious offense, multiple offenses, and/or three or more violations of the same offense in a term result in automatic referral to either the Student Judicial Panel or the Faculty and Staff Judicial Panel.

The following is the fine schedule for first offenses:

  • Driving without a valid Grenadian driver's license: EC $100.00
  • Driving a motor vehicle on campus without valid inspection sticker, registration and insurance certificate: EC $100.00
  • Driving or parking any motor vehicle on campus without displayed University registration sticker: EC $50.00
  • Driving an unsafe motor vehicle on campus: EC $50.00
  • Riding a motorcycle on University property without a helmet: EC $50.00
  • Speeding: EC $100.00
  • Parking in posted "No Parking" areas: EC $20.00
  • Parking in reserved faculty parking area: EC $20.00
  • Parking in space designated for named faculty member, department head or administrative officer: EC $50.00
  • Insubordinate behavior to security guard in performance of his/her duty (referral for disciplinary action): EC $100.00
  • Failure to display University ID card: EC $20.00
  • Eating, drinking or smoking in the library, lecture halls, and other designated buildings: EC $50.00

Student Judicial Panel for Motor Vehicle Violations
The Student Judicial Panel is composed of two student representatives elected from classes of Term 1, 4, or 5 of the School of Medicine, one representative from the premedical program and a faculty member appointed by the Dean of Students. The Student Judicial Panel has authority to revoke on-campus motor vehicle driving or parking privileges, use of classrooms or libraries for studying, and to recommend additional sanctions, such as referral of the case to the Dean of Students or his/her designate for further action. Any student has the right to a hearing before the Student Judicial Panel. The student can appeal the panel's decision, in writing, to an overseeing administrative board consisting of the President of the Senate, an academic dean appointed by the Chancellor, President of the Student Government Association, and the Business Administrator or his/her designate.

The following parking rules and regulations on the True Blue campus will be strictly enforced:

  • Between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm, all student-registered vehicles must be parked  in spaces designated as "Open Parking" or "Student Parking."
  • Between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm, all staff-registered vehicles must be parked in spaces designated "Open Parking."
  • Between 6:00 pm and 7:00 am, student or staff vehicles may be parked in open "Reserved for Faculty" or "Faculty Parking Only" spaces, as well as permanently designated named spaces, Monday through Friday. Parking will also be permitted in these areas on weekends and Grenada public holidays.
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