Prenatal Care & Delivery

Pregnancy tests are available at any doctor’s office or through Planned Parenthood in St. George’s. The test requires a morning urine specimen. Results are available within five minutes. Early pregnancy tests can also be obtained at the University Health Services Clinic in Carriacou Hall (Z Building) on the True Blue campus or local pharmacies.

Prenatal and maternity care is generally provided by a trained nurse-midwife. A nurse-midwife will monitor your pregnancy (weight, urine, blood pressure, fetal growth, and heartbeat), order lab tests, prescribe vitamins, and give counseling (nutrition, family planning, and so forth). Delivery may take place at the hospital in St. George’s, or in your home by a nurse-midwife.

Obstetrical emergencies are handled by the General Hospital, which has appropriate facilities if the need arises; however, if you are a non-Grenadian and are experiencing a difficult pregnancy, or have known health problems that may cause complications, it would be wise to return home and deal with your family doctor who would be more aware of your medical background. Pregnant partners of medical and veterinary medical students typically return home for delivery.

Pregnant individuals seeking air travel may be turned away by an airline after the seventh month of pregnancy due to increased risk of premature labor. If you will be leaving the Island for delivery, plan ahead. Call your airlines about current regulations regarding the transport of pregnant passengers.

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