Passports & Visas

All applicants should have a current, valid passport at the time of admission.  Please keep in mind that depending upon your citizenship and itinerary, you may need to obtain a visa for the countries you will transit through when en route to Grenada or to other countries that may be required during your program of study. 

Immigration regulations are ever changing and can be complex.  Please familiarize yourself with the general visa requirements for your entire program and keep abreast of changes as you progress through your degree program.  Questions can be directed to your admissions counselor.

Entry to Grenada – SGU Students

Accepted SGU students do not require a visa in advance of travel to Grenada.  Upon arrival in Grenada, all students must have the following documents with them for presentation to immigration officials in Grenada*:

  • A valid passport (Grenada requires that passports be valid for six months beyond the date of entry.)
  • SGU Letter of Acceptance
  • SGU Letter to the Immigration Authorities
  • Those traveling from regions where Yellow Fever is endemic must show proof of vaccination against this disease on entry to Grenada.

Please note that Grenada Immigration requires a printed copy of all documents – electronic versions will not be accepted.  Students of St. George’s University bearing either an SGU Acceptance Letter or a Letter of Good Standing from SGU are able to obtain visas upon arrival in Grenada.  This information is in the IATA system, including the TimaticWeb, and the Travel Information Manual (TIM), which should be helpful for students when travelling with the appropriate documentation.

Entry to Grenada – Non-SGU Students

Visa-Exempt Countries

Citizens of the USA, Canada, CARICOM countries, United Kingdom, some Commonwealth countries, some European Union countries and those countries with which Grenada has Visa Waiver agreements are considered Visa Exempt and do not require a visa to enter Grenada . 
These students, visitors, and significant others are given authorization to remain in Grenada up until the time of their return ticket or the end of term.  Since it is not mandatory for students to have a return ticket, they may receive authorization for a maximum of one (1) year. This is at the discretion of the Grenada Immigration Officer.

Grenada Visa Exempt Countries
(April 2016)




Antigua & Barbuda Hong Kong Russia
Argentina Hungary Seychelles
Armenia Iceland Sierra Leone
Australia India Singapore
Austria Israel Slovak Republic
Azerbaijan Italy   Slovenia
Bahamas Jamaica Solomon Island
Bangladesh Japan South Africa
Barbados Kazakhstan Spain
Belgium Kenya Sri Lanka
Belize Kiribati St. Helena
Belorussia (Belarus) Korea (South) St. Kitts & Nevis
Bermuda Kyrgyzstan    St. Lucia
Botswana Latvia St. Vincent & The Grenadines
British Virgin Islands Lesotho Swaziland
Brunei Darussalam Liechtenstein   Sweden
Bulgaria Lithuania Taiwan
Cameroon Luxembourg Tajikistan
Canada Malawi Tanzania
Cayman Islands Malaysia Tokelau
Chile Maldives Tongo
Christmas Island Malta Trinidad & Tobago
Cocos Island Mauritius Turkmenistan
Cook Island Moldavia (Moldova) Turks & Caicos Islands
Cyprus Montserrat Tuvalu
Czech Republic Nambia Uganda
Denmark Naura Ukraine
Dominica Netherlands & Associated Territories United Kingdom
Estonia New Zealand United States of America
Falkland Islands Nigeria Uzbekistan
Fiji Niue Vanuatu
Finland Norfolk Island Venezuela
France & Overseas Dependancies Norway Western Samoa
Gambia Papua New Guinea Zambia
Georgia Pitcairn Islands Zimbabwe
Germany Poland
Ghana Portugal
Gibralta   Republic of China
Greece Republic of Ireland

Visa Upon Arrival Requirements: Non-SGU Students from Non-Exempt Countries

Visitors and significant others who are citizens of countries requiring visas will be processed upon arrival and once a visa is issued, will receive authorization to remain in Grenada up until the time of their return ticket or the end of term.  If your country is not listed above you will need to apply for a Visa Upon Arrival.

To apply for a Visa Upon Arrival send the required documents in advance of your arrival via email or fax to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Grenada or directly to the Grenada Passport and Immigration Office.

The required documents for a Visa Upon Arrival in Grenada are:

  • Full Name (as it appears on passport)
  • Passport Number
  • Date of Issue
  • Date of Expiry
  • Purpose of Visit
  • Length of Stay
  • A scanned copy of the biometrics page of the passport

Please note that you may not hear back from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in advance of your arrival, therefore, you should be prepared to present all required documents upon arrival in Grenada to the immigration authorities:

  • Valid Passport
  • SGU Letter of Acceptance
  • SGU Letter to Immigration Authorities
  • Two passport sized photographs

The cost of the visa is EC$ 100 (approx US $45) for single entry and EC $250 (approx US$90) for multiple entry. 

The contact details for the Ministry and the Passport and Immigration Office are as follows:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministerial Complex
Botanical Gardens
Tanteen St George’s, Grenada
Tel: (473) 440-2640/2712
Fax: (473) 440-4184Email:

Passport & Immigration Office
Ministerial Complex
Botanical Gardens
St George’s, Grenada
Tel: (473) 440-2456/4765
Fax: (473) 440-4165

For a complete listing of countries that are visa exempt please visit:
Complete Country Visa Requirements for Grenada (December 2015)
To locate a Grenada consular office, please visit:
Grenada Embassies& Consulates

Additional Visa Information for Family Members Who Are Non-SGU Students
Family members (spouse and children) traveling with students will receive the same duration as the student.

Family members (spouse and children) not traveling with the student will be processed as a visitor to Grenada upon arrival and will then, if necessary, need to obtain an extension at the main immigration office in St. George (Botanical Gardens).

Other family members (parents, siblings, etc) will be treated as visitors to Grenada. Extensions may then be sought if needed.

Extensions for all family members carry a nominal fee.

Family members from non-exempt countries will need to obtain a Visa from the Grenada Immigration Authority in advance of travel by following the directions above.

Extending Authorization to Stay in Grenada
Students who do not receive authorization to remain in Grenada through the end of the term or who would like to extend their stay beyond their program end date, can do so at the main immigration office in St. George (Botanical Gardens).   A letter of good standing is required for SGU students.  For family members of SGU students a letter is required in addition to a fee of $25 EC per person for each additional 30 day period.

Transit Visa
Depending upon your citizenship and itinerary, you may need to obtain a visa for the countries you will transit through when en route to Grenada.  Please look into this early on so you have all the necessary documentation in place for traveling.  If you require a transit visa you will need to request a letter from the University and possibly the Grenada Immigration Authority in support of your transit visa application. SGU will provide supporting documentation upon receipt of your deposit payment.  Please allow enough time to secure the transit visa when you are making your payment and travel arrangements. 

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