Whether a late-morning brunch, midday luncheon, afternoon tea, buffet supper, or late evening dinner, mealtimes are the perfect time for forging new friendships and broadening your global and cultural experiences. Expect to pay EC $25–40 for a typical meal in Grenada (approximately US $6–16).

Here are a few suggestions, both on and off campus:

True Blue Campus, Grenada
On the True Blue campus, there are a few dining options available, offering a wide variety of local and international dishes. Students housed on upper True Blue have access to kitchen facilities in the dormitories, allowing them to prepare their own meals.

The restaurants/snack bars on the True Blue campus are Glovers (serving a variety of food, restaurant and buffet style), Subway, and New York Style Bagels, located on the second floor of the Student Center in True Blue, and Sugar Shack on lower True Blue. They all serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Opening hours vary but currently are as follows:

Glovers: 7:00 am to 10:00 pm, Monday to Saturday; closed on Sunday
Sugar Shack: 8:00 am to 8:15 pm, weekdays; 9:00 am to 8:45 pm, weekends

NY Bagels is open 24 hours.

Homemade food stalls and bakery on upper campus everyday.

Food trunk on lower campus everyday.

Off Campus Dining
Just off campus in True Blue is a casual, outdoor dining area called Options, which consists of several different businesses, each specializing in a different quick serve food options such as sushi, pizza, or vegetarian fare.

Just off campus in the Grand Anse area, about a ten minute walk from the dormitories, is the Le Marquis Complex with La Boulangerie, which serves pasta, sandwiches, pizzas, and calzones; Carib Sushi, which serves sushi and other Japanese food, including curry; The Wine Bar, which serves salads and sandwiches; Nick’s Donut Shop, which also has sandwiches; and Le Chateau, which serves local foods as well as fresh grilled fish and hamburgers. Kentucky Fried Chicken is nearby and several other fast-food options area available in the Real Value Shopping Mall.

Just up the road from Le Manquis Complex is Le Papillion Cafe, a French Creole Cafe that is a student favorite.

There are also some upscale restaurants (EC $50–100 per person) for students who want a nice night out. On Point Salines, the Aquarium and the Beach House are both popular choices. The Coconut Beach Restaurant is located in Grand Anse.

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