Living at SGU

Maid Service
Comes twice a week, sweep room, mop floors, clean bathrooms.

Resident Assistants
All of the dormitories are staffed with Resident Assistants. These RAs foster a community of mutual respect and cooperation.

  • Resident Assistants are available to ensure that students are comfortably settled and issued their keys.
  • They are available to handle emergencies 24 hours a day.
  • They may mediate roommate problems, referring students to the Housing Office or Dean of Students for final resolution if an amicable solution is not found.
  • There are 23 Resident Assistants on the campuses.

The University offers around-the-clock maintenance service that can be accessed at any time through filling out a facilities work order on the Self Help Online Resource (SHOR) ( and, in case of emergencies, contacting the RA who will communicate with on-campus security to get the necessary assistance.

Completing a work order on SHOR allows the resident to check the status of the response to their request and allows the resident to communicate with the facilities manager by updating the initial request if additional work is needed or if the nature of the problem changes.

Follow the same general safety guidelines you would follow at home. Security guards patrol both campuses 24 hours per day.

Storage space is available on the True Blue campus. Note that the University is not responsible for any property placed in storage; however, students can opt to insure their items with local insurance companies.

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  • US/Canada Toll-Free:
    1 (800) 899-6337 ext. 1280
  • UK Freephone:
    0800 1699061 ext. 1280
  • Worldwide:
    +1 (631) 665-8500 ext. 1280
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