Housing Portal and Procedures

Entering Students
All entering undergraduate BS or BA, premedical and preveterinary medical students are required* to live on campus for their first year. Foundation students are required to live on campus for the duration of their program.

All entering medical (Grenada), veterinary, and graduate students are required* to live on campus for the first term and have the option to contract campus housing for the following term. Students who contract only for their first term will enter a housing lottery in the fall if they wish to live on campus for their second term.

* Residents of Grenada are exempt from this requirement.  

KBTGSP students are required to live in campus housing for both terms of the one year program and will have the opportunity to live in campus housing when they come to Grenada for Term 3/4. 

You are eligible to seek off-campus housing if you have children and/or pets; or if you received special permission through the Housing Office.

The Housing Office reserves the right to change or modify housing assignments and to fill housing vacancies as necessary. Room and roommate assignments are subject to change. No guarantee is implied by notification of a specific assignment prior to arrival on campus.
Enrolled students will not be released from housing contracts once the term has commenced. Students who contract for housing, whether for one or two terms, are obligated to pay the stated charges and fees and are not eligible for a refund if they cancel housing when they are registered for classes. For further information students should refer to the SGU Housing Cancellation Policy.

You will log in to the portal with the same credentials you use to access MySGU and Student Self Service.  If the portal is at maximum capacity when you attempt to log in, you will have to try back at another time.

During the application process you will have the opportunity to review your personal details, make special requests for medical accommodation or permission to live off campus, review and sign your housing contract, create a profile to help you match with a roommate, create a web profile with a description about yourself that others can view in a roommate search, make a roommate request and, in some instances, indicate your room preference (options are limited and depend upon your program).

If you have questions or problems, please contact FreshmanHousing@sgu.edu

The new student housing application will be available in mid-May for students entering in the Fall term and in mid-October for students entering in the Spring term. All deposited students will be notified by email when they can access the portal to make their housing application.

Dormitory move-in and move-out dates for the Grenada campus can be viewed here.

Subsequent Terms
Students who  live on campus for the first term of their program are given the opportunity to apply for housing and select their rooms and room/suite mates for the subsequent term within a specified time frame.  Those who do not apply within the time frame will be required to go through the lottery process.  After the first year, continuing students who wish to remain on campus must enter the housing lottery*. (Students promoted into the MD or DVM do not participate in the lottery and will live in Freshman MD or DVM housing for the first term.)

*Lottery Procedures for Upper Class Students who wish to live on Campus:

Students who wish to participate in the lottery for On-Campus housing  will be instructed to first make a housing application through the Continuing Student Housing Portal.  Those who make their application by the stated deadline will then be informed of their randomly assigned Room Selection time slots.  Students will be instructed to log  into the portal at their designated time slot to sign their contract and make their room and room/suite mate selections.  The room/suite mate with the earliest timeslot may assign spaces within the same room or suite to the members of his/her room/suite group.  Students whose roommates do not assign rooms to them will be able to choose their own rooms during their time slots. Detailed instructions will be provided to students throughout the lottery process.

*The housing lottery is held in October for Spring semester and again in March for the Fall semester. Students who wish to apply for housing through the lottery will be expected to make an application through the continuing student portal.  Once the lottery application deadline is closed, the lottery is run and the winners  are instructed to log  into the portal at their designated time slot to sign their contract and make their room and room/suite mate selections.

Students desiring off-campus housingcan visit the Housing site for the listing of recommended housing. The University reserves the right to require students to live on campus for the full duration of their stay in Grenada.

Clinical Years
Housing opportunities vary at different clinical centers, affiliated hospitals, and veterinary clinical locations. In all cases, during the medical and veterinary clinical years, housing is the responsibility of the student. Some affiliated hospitals in the United Kingdom provide single accommodations for students. Students are responsible for the cost of these accommodations.

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