Families & Significant Others

For students considering having their significant others or children join them, the Significant Others (SO) Organization, an organization comprised of spouses and significant others of students attending SGU, is an invaluable resource to help you and your loved ones prepare for life in Grenada and to enhance your life when you get here. They maintain a very informative website http://www.sgusignificantothers.org/ and they also welcome your communication by e-mail at soorgsgu@gmail.com.

The mission of the Significant Others (SO) Organization is to facilitate the transition of students and their significant others to Grenada, to provide social and recreational activities for significant others and their families, to act as an informal support group for significant others and their families, to participate in and organize philanthropic activities in the Grenadian community, and to work together with students and administrators of St. George’s University on various projects and activities.

Significant others should come to Grenada prepared to deal with a lot of free time. The community of spouses who have been here all agree that keeping busy is the key to maintaining an even keel. Finding employment in Grenada is unlikely. Work permits may be difficult to obtain because they are issued to persons to work in areas where there are shortages of qualified Grenadians. Partners have earned income as resident assistants on campus. These opportunities are limited and highly competitive, and should not be factored into your budget.

To make the most of your time here you should plan to take up the hobbies for which you’ve never had time and read the books you’ve always meant to read. Volunteer opportunities, through the SO Organization and independent of it, are plentiful and the community is desperately in need of your skills. Give some of your time to the hospital, schools, orphanages, or other Grenadian agencies and organizations. Enjoy the beaches. Use the University community as your support base, but venture forth and discover Grenada.

The Grand Anse Playgroup
The Grand Anse Playgroup (GAP) provides an enhanced, structured playgroup to student, staff, and faculty families in the SGU community. The GAP operates out of four playrooms on the Grand Anse campus. Programs include the Infant Playgroup, Toddler Playgroup, Jr. and Sr. Playgroup (3 years and older), and Family Drop-in. The grouping of children in each program facilitates children’s natural learnings while also providing interaction with children of different ages. The Family Drop-in allows parents and children to participate in daily activities within the different age programs, or enjoy play time on their own in the SO room. Every week, the staff (comprised of SGU demonstrators and local Grenadian care providers) selects a new and interesting topic to facilitate learning through songs, art, books, toys, and group discussions. Special activities are scheduled everyday: Monday and Wednesday are physical education; Tuesday is beach day; Thursday is music; Monday and Friday are swim days.

The program fills up quickly and there is usually a waiting list for participation. The GAP also acts as an informal referral service for SGU families who are looking for information regarding child care, nanny services, and/or schooling in Grenada. For more information, contact the GAP team (gap@sgu.edu)

Family Weekend
Family Weekend, a weekend event where family members of enrolled students all programs are invited to visit the St. George’s University campus, usually occurs twice a year in Jaunary and August. This bi-annual event draws families from all over the world to the True Blue Campus to learn about the University, spend time on campus, and experience island life. In addition to campus and island tours, the event provides time to experience the beautiful island of Grenada with island tours, cultural performances and free time for exploring local venues.

Education Opportunities

For Children
There are both public and private schools available in Grenada. American students have enrolled, in the past, in private schools that offer primary (ages 3–11) and secondary education (ages 11+) such as the Westmorland School, Beacon School, and the Grenada Montessori and Preparation School. Other private schools that offer primary education are Alpha Junior School, 3R’s Junior School, and a new primary school called Grace Lutheran School.

Take note that religion is very much a part of Grenadian culture so most schools, whether public or private, will have time for devotions and prayer and will offer religion as an academic subject. Public secondary schools such as Presentation Brother’s College and Grenada Boys Secondary School (for boys) and St. Joseph’s Convent and Anglican High School (for girls) have children from the SGU community in attendance. Grenadian students from the above schools have received scholarships to excellent colleges in England and the United States after completing their education in Grenada. The costs of schools vary and children usually adapt to the differences with few problems. All school children wear uniforms. There are waiting lists at most private schools—writing to the school over the summer for information, application forms, and so forth, may ease your mind. Personal contact is the most valuable means of having your son or daughter enrolled. It is advised that you make contact and schedule an interview for you and your child within the first days of your arrival in Grenada.

For Adults
St. George’s University offers undergraduate degrees as well as graduate degrees—both of which may be of interest to family members living in Grenada with their SGU student. The newest addition to our graduate programs is a unique MBA program embracing the best features of distance learning with twice weekly online classes and two one-week residencies on the True Blue Campus. Additional information about St. George’s undergraduate and graduate programs can be found here.

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