Email and Self Service Accounts


Accepted students must have an active alternative email address on record with the University to enable the SGU email creation and notification process at the time we receive your deposit.  Please make an effort to keep your Admission Counselor informed of your most current active email and whether it is different from what you provided on your admission application.

You will receive notification to your current email address regarding your SGU User ID and instructions on how to access your SGU Email and Student Self Service accounts. If you already have an SGU Email and/or Student Self Service account, you will maintain the same User ID. When you receive this information, it is extremely important that you immediately try to access Carenage, change your password and view your email.

Your SGU email  account  and access to “Carenage” in the SGU Member’s Center creates an invaluable link to communicate with individuals in the SGU community.   Important University notifications and announcements will be sent to you at your SGU email only. Access to certain forms and links (such student health insurance) are available to you only in the SGU Member’s Center.

We encourage you to begin using your SGU email address immediately to correspond with various departments at University Services and to ensure that you are not missing out on important information.

If after two weeks (less time closer to the start of class), you have not received notification of your SGU User ID, please contact your Admission Counselor. 

SGU email can be created and viewed by students using a web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.X or Mozilla Firefox, anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.  Thus, by going to the SGU website and entering your username and password, you can read, reply to, and create SGU mail.






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