Computers & Internet Services

The easiest option is to bring a laptop computer, although some students have gone through the hassle of bringing desktop models. Keep in mind that while laptops generally can adapt to the 240-volt, 50-cycle electrical supply, desktop computers do not and will need an adapter unless they have a switchable power supply (for example, 90–240 volts, 50/60 cycles). Desktop computers have the added disadvantage of not being allowed as carry-on luggage, increasing the chance of damage or loss in transit.

Laser printers are available in the library, in the Taylor Hall print room, and in the Caribbean House Courtyard print room. Students are allocated credits for free printing each term. Printing beyond the free quota is charged to the student’s account. You may choose to bring your own printer, for convenience. Printer ink should be brought with you unless you have a very common printer; paper is available here but at a high cost.

Power sags and surges are not uncommon in Grenada, so you should surge protect all of your electrical devices and appliances.  These can be purchased locally through the Student Government Association and at local hardware stores.

Internet Services
Both wired and wireless Internet access is available at select locations on campus for students to use with their personal computers. The wireless network “hot spots” require 802.11a/b/g/n compatible equipment. Additional information is available by following the “Office of Information Technology” link. Internet access is also provided in all SGU computer labs.
You can apply for your own Internet service if you have a laptop or desktop computer and a phone line. LIME provides high-speed ADSL Internet services.
High-speed internet service, known as ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line), is available in a number of different configurations. LIME will require that you pay a refundable deposit, a one time set-up fee and a monthly fee for this service.
You can also access the internet by using LIME pre-paid Internet service. Internet prepaid cards can be purchased from LIME or any of their authorized agents.

Information on all LIME products can be viewed on their website, LIME normally offers specials on their services to students during orientation. You can contact them directly for more details at +1 (473) 440-1000 or 222#.

If you live off campus, you also have the option of obtaining Internet service from FLOW, the local Cable TV company. Information on all FLOW products can be viewed on their website, You can also contact FLOW directly at +1 (473) 800-FLOW (3569).

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